Royal Watermark Research Continued

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As discussed in earlier research the given name Christian appears watermarked framed in white in this section of the Royal Watermark more than likely in reference to Christian Douglas, born about 1588.

Please note the boars head as well as the name Douglas framed in red on this particular jpeg. It appears to be a Coat of Arms of ancient origin.

The watermarked surnames MACMILLAN, and BRUS, below that, were discovered on the left middle portion of the Royal Watermark. Please note the surnames McMillan and Brus below framed in white.

The same image as above, reversed color, showing natural appearance of Royal Watermark.

The year 1150 was discovered on the Royal Seal below near the middle left portion of the Royal Watermark. This image is the same as above, turned right side up.

Same image as above, reversed color, showing natural look of the Royal Watermark. Please remember this section represents only a small portion of this Royal Watermark, or about 1/10 the area.

Please note the image below with initials R B, and date 1265, framed in red, near top portion of this image which is close to the middle section of the Royal Watermark.

The personal initials of King Charles I appear in the image below framed in white. Please also note the other images below which show the personal ink spot of King Charles I, with the initials underneath, C R, with date 1625, the year he became King.

Imaging Projection of Ink Spot.

The natural look of King Charles I ink spot is shown below on the Royal Watermark. This is the exact same area as the image shown above.

Progression of imaging to show initials and date, images 2 & 3, below.

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